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Affordable Cost
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Safe Moving
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  • We offer comprehensive moving solutions from the point of dispatch to the delivery destination. We pack our client’s goods professionally, handle them with caution, transport them efficiently, and unpack/arrange them in their new space. No third-party input is required, and efficiency is assured.

  • Our team comprises of hardworking, patient, and well-trained individuals who understand the sensitivity of the work we do. We have completed many projects without compromising any of our client’s valuables. All our staff has background training in understanding how to handle different valuables.

  • This is the most crucial part of moving antiques. We have mastered the art of delicately packing all valuables with utmost care taking precautions to ensure that everything is delivered in pristine condition. We have also invested in suitable packing materials to aid in this process.

Fine Arts & Antiques Relocation Dubai

The process of moving from one location to another can often be a daunting task. More so when it involves transit of valuable items such as fine arts and antique pieces. At MoveHub, we specialize in professional relocation of fine arts and antiques within the UAE. We understand and respect the delicate nature of these items, which is why our processes are specific and thorough to each item to ensure its safe movement to your new location.Our services are extended to both individuals and institutions, such as museums and art galleries. We cater to the needs of all items of sentimental value from paintings, art pieces, sculptures and carvings, chinaware, to porcelain urns, vases, and more.

We invest our time to carefully wrap all valuables, pack them in durable packaging materials, and transport them to desired addresses. This process ensures zero damage or breakage while they are in transit. Our reliable transport service facilitates a timely yet safe movement of all your items. To avail of our fine arts and antiques moving service, get in touch with our team today!

Our Fine Art Moving Service Inclusions

We offer a broad scope of services, all aimed at moving valuables from one point to another. Fine art, in particular, is rare, with some pieces being the only existing ones in the world and are invaluable, often worth millions of dollars. To avoid damage or loss of such items, we offer a complete package to necessitate the safe movement and transportation of such valuable items. Our services include:

  • Dismantling detachable antique furniture pieces and unmounting mirrors, art pieces, and frames from walls.
  • Packing of valuables safely into storage boxes, containers, and crates.
  • Labelling services of all items being transported and keeping an inventory of the same to cross-check with at the destination.
  • Transportation of valuables across the region.
  • Unpacking, mounting, and assembling valuables at your new address.
Affordable Cost
Affordable Cost
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Safe Moving
Safe Moving

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