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International Removals Dubai To Australia

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  • The visa costs can also vary based on the type of visa you would like to apply for. The official government website of Australia has listed all the necessary details in this regard.

  • The cost of international relocation from Dubai to Australia can also vary depending on how you decide to transport your goods. While air transport is the easiest and the quickest option, its prices are almost double what you must pay if you choose to ship by sea. At MoveHub, we can help you relocate and provide a clear-cut quote per your requirements.

  • Australia is massive; if you were to take the maps of Europe and Australia, you would see that it covers Europe by itself.

  • When you mention Australia, most people usually associate it with hot and sunny weather. However, that is not the case; for example, if it’s summer in the north, it’s usually rainy in the south. There are certain cities where all four seasons occur on the same day.

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Warehouse No.2 - 40 20b St - Al Quoz - Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 - Dubai
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At MoveHub, we aim to provide individuals and businesses with cost-effective and reliable relocation and storage solutions. With over a decade’s experience in international relocation, we refine services in a way that will meet and exceed the requirements of our clients. Our Dubai and Australia teams know all the rules and regulations associated with international moving. As such, you cannot ask for a better household and office relocation partner from Dubai to Australia.

If you are planning to relocate to Australia and don’t know where to start, contact the expert consultants at MoveHub today!


Fondly known as the Land Down Under, Australia stands apart due to its amazing landscapes, superior quality of life, and diverse cultural communities. Whether it is domestic or international relocation, careful planning is the key to turning the move successful. Before moving from Dubai to Australia, here is a list of helpful information for you.

Affordable Cost
Affordable Cost
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Safe Moving
Safe Moving


How do I send my belongings from Dubai to Australia?

We at MoveHub, provide all three modes of transportation for our customers to send their belongings from Dubai to Australia.

  • Air Freight.
  • Sea Freight.
  • Land Freight.

You can choose one according to your preference.

How long does it take to ship from Dubai to Australia?

To be honest, it depends. The time a shipment takes to move your goods from Dubai to Australia depends on the distance and selected mode of transportation. We recommend air freight for the quickest shipping.

Which method is the least expensive for shipping goods to Australia?

The least expensive method of shipping goods to Australia is Sea freight. It provides reduced fuel costs and offers more storage space. However, it requires more time than all the other forms of transporting goods.

Can I ship food to Australia?

You can ship food to Australia that is fully cooked but only for personal consumption, without any meat and refrigeration requirements. However, you cannot send every edible item to Australia. Some restriction-free edibles allowed in Australia are Biscuits, Bread, Pastries, Pudding and Cakes (excluding cheesecakes).

Do customs open every package in Australia?

No, the customs officers in Australia won’t open any package. Instead, they scan them via x-ray machines to confirm what’s inside is complying with your customs forms. Generally, they do not open a box without a valid reason.