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Affordable Cost
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Safe Moving
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Warehouse No.2 - 40 20b St - Al Quoz - Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 - Dubai
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For any international relocation to be successful, proper research, preparation, and planning are mandatory. MoveHub is an internationally accredited packing and moving company that can help you with the logistics of moving from Dubai to France. We extend our relocation service from Dubai to all the major cities in France, including Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, and Toulouse.

At MoveHub, we offer a wide range of services, including the shipment of household items and personal goods, vehicle and antique shipping, pet relocation, and more. Our highly-skilled and professional team can help you with all aspects of the move and are more than happy to customize our services to suit your requirements. We understand that international relocations can be expensive, and we provide our customers with the most competitive prices against their needs.

If you require an experienced team that can handle every aspect of the move smoothly and professionally, from start to finish, send us an inquiry today!


When relocating from Dubai to France, we allow customers to choose between air or sea freight shipment options. Our team has all the required local knowledge and industry experience to ensure a hassle-free international moving experience for our customers. Irrespective of the size or nature of your international move from Dubai, we guarantee that the package with reach its destination timely and intact.
The cost of moving from Dubai to France varies due to several factors, including the number of goods, the goal, and the type of service you’ve opted for. Contact us today to learn more about our service or to receive a customized quote. If you are not convinced, here are some reasons why you should pick MoveHub for your international relocation requirements:

  • 12+ years of international moving experience.
  • Wide range of customized services
  • Highly competitive prices.
  • Team of expert movers and packers.
  • Provision of meticulous attention to detail.
  • Superlative customer service.
  • Door-to-Door top-notch moving services.
Affordable Cost
Affordable Cost
Shot Time Delivery
Safe Moving
Safe Moving


How much cost is required to move a vehicle from Dubai to France?

The cost of moving your vehicle internationally from Dubai to France comprises multiple charges in different amounts for different types, sizes, and volumes of cars. The overall price includes one or more of the below-mentioned services as you opt for:

  • The cost incurred in picking up the vehicle from Dubai.
  • Shipping cost of the container.
  • Customs inspection charges.
  • Transport insurance fees.
  • Port handling charges.
  • The cost incurred for transporting to the destination in France.
  • Vehicle inspection reporting charges.
  • Cost for vehicle documentation and special permits.
Is relocating a car from Dubai to France more expensive than buying a new one?

It’s cheaper to relocate your car from Dubai than buy a new one in France. Generally, shipping goods internationally involves a lot of taxes, so people think it would be more expensive. If you want a precise estimate of moving a car internationally, call our expert consultants at MoveHub, who’d be happy to help you.

How to move a box from Dubai to France?

Moving a box internationally from Dubai to France is just a phone call away. Yes, call us at MoveHub, and we’ll help you pack, move, and deliver your box to the required destination safely and timely.

How are goods usually transported to France?

France is a beautiful country with an extensive sea coast, making transporting goods easier via sea. Sea freight is generally more economical and time-consuming. However, you can always go for air freight if you want a quicker mode of transportation.