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Moving Tips

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  • When moving, there are several aspects and things to do and keep in mind. The stress involved only worsens the situations. To avoid such instances, we recommend preparing a to-do list for the day you move. It will help you stay organized and prevent you from forgetting anything, from minor to major.

  • Spare a separate box to store all your personal and other crucial documents such as passports, medical documents, financial records, and more. We recommend keeping a scanned copy of important documents, so you can safely store the original documents.

  • Over time there are many items that you may have collected and stored, some of which are often left unused. This is an excellent opportunity to get rid of all the clutter you won’t be using in your new place. The fewer items you have, the better it is for moving. Therefore, plan ahead and either dispose of the unwanted equipment or, better yet, donate them.

  • Before you move out, make sure that you have cleared all the bills and dues with your current landlord and have the necessary permissions to move out. Most importantly, you should also have permission to move to your new address.

Moving Tips And Tools You Should Know

The process of moving often requires meticulous and careful planning. Backed by expert movers, MoveHub ensures to make the overall process quick and straightforward. From determining every aspect of how to carefully pack and shift your belongings to people who need to be informed about your new address, we offer a wide range of solutions. Our team is well equipped with the tools, equipment, skills, and experience required to successfully move your belongings, irrespective of the size and quantity.

Over the years, we have served over thousands of residences and businesses, and thus know the challenges that come with every move. To help ease the process, we have compiled a quick mini guide to moving, which comprises key aspects you need to take into account to ensure smooth moving. It also includes planning tips that assure you of a seamless process. For a tailored moving service, get in touch with our team, or simply follow the tips enlisted, which guarantees you of a seamless process.

Few Pointers To Help You Move

From clearing your old space to packing your belongings, the process of moving is certainly not a simple process. Fortunately, with the help of our moving experts, you are assured of a hassle-free and straightforward process. Listed below are a few handy pointers to get you started.

Choosing A Professional Moving Company

The process of finding the right moving company in Dubai can often be a challenge, mostly due to the number of moving companies in the region. As a guideline, one should finalize one company 4-8 weeks before the move. Apart from this, several factors, too, need to be taken into consideration, such as professionalism, price, transparency, speed, and customer approach, among others. At MoveHub, we pride ourselves on offering all this and more. When you choose our service, rest assured, you are guaranteed a seamless and hassle-free moving in Dubai and also with international relocation.

Planning The Move

Once we have evaluated your case and have assigned you a MoveHub movers’ team, you will be requested to answer some basic questions. Here are the most important ones:

  • Would you require any packing material either before or on the day of your move?
  • Would you require storage containers and boxes?
  • Will you pack everything on your own, or will require assistance from our professionals?
  • Will you need insurance?
  • Would you need the service of a handyman?

Lastly, if you have children, make sure you organize a babysitter in advance as they can be a handful during the process. It will not only give you peace of mind but will also ensure your children are safe and stress-free during the whole process.

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Affordable Cost
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Safe Moving
Safe Moving

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