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Affordable Cost
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Warehouse No.2 - 40 20b St - Al Quoz - Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 - Dubai
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Achieving a successful international relocation demands meticulous research, preparation, and planning. MoveHub is a globally recognized moving and packing company ready to facilitate your move from Dubai to South Africa. Our reach spans major South African cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, promising a seamless transition.

Within MoveHub’s realm of expertise, an array of services awaits. We oversee shipping household essentials, personal belongings, cherished vehicles, and even precious antiques. Not to be forgotten, our specialized service also extends to pet relocation. Our adept and dedicated team underpins every facet of your move, adaptable to your unique needs.

Understanding the financial nuances tied to international relocation, we prioritize cost efficiency. Our commitment lies in offering customers the most competitive prices tailored to their specific requirements.

When a comprehensive and expertly managed journey beckons, one that commences from the initial step and culminates at the destination’s doorstep, your search concludes with MoveHub. Get in touch today to initiate a hassle-free inquiry and embark on your relocation journey with confidence.


We allow our clients to select between air or sea freight for their shipment. Our team possesses the necessary local insights and industry expertise, ensuring a seamless international move for our esteemed customers. No matter the scope or particulars of your international move from Dubai, we assure you of a punctual and intact delivery to your desired destination.

The expenses associated with the Dubai-to-South Africa move are subject to various factors, encompassing the number of items, the destination, and the chosen service type. For further insight into our offerings or to obtain a tailor-made quotation, do not hesitate to reach out to us. In case you require further assurance, here are compelling reasons elucidating why opting for MoveHub stands as the optimal choice for fulfilling your international relocation needs:

  • 12+ years of international moving experience.
  • Wide range of customized services
  • Highly competitive prices.
  • Team of expert movers and packers.
  • Provision of meticulous attention to detail.
  • Superlative customer service.
  • Door-to-Door top-notch moving services.
Affordable Cost
Affordable Cost
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Safe Moving
Safe Moving


What's the cost involved in shipping a vehicle from Dubai to South Africa?

The expenses associated with moving your vehicle internationally from Dubai to South Africa comprise a blend of charges that vary based on the type, size, and volume of the cars being transported. The overall pricing includes a combination of the following services, depending on your choices:

  • Pick-up cost in Dubai
  • Container shipping expenses
  • Customs inspection fees
  • Transport insurance charges
  • Port handling costs
  • Transportation cost to the destination in South Africa
  • Fees for vehicle inspection reporting
  • Expenses for vehicle documentation and special permits
Is transporting a car from Dubai to South Africa more cost-effective than purchasing a new one?

The cost of relocating your car from Dubai to South Africa is generally more budget-friendly than buying a new vehicle locally. People might assume that international shipping incurs high taxes, leading to misconceptions about its expense. For an accurate estimate of international car shipping costs, don’t hesitate to contact MoveHub’s knowledgeable consultants, who are readily available to assist you.

What's the procedure for shipping a box from Dubai to South Africa?

Shipping a box internationally from Dubai to South Africa is as simple as making a phone call. Reach out to us at MoveHub, and we’ll guide you through the entire process, from packing to transportation, ensuring your box reaches its designated destination safely and within the stipulated timeframe.

What's the typical method of transporting goods to South Africa?

South Africa boasts an extensive coastline, which makes sea freight a popular choice for transporting goods. Sea freight is often more cost-effective and allows for larger shipments. However, if speed is a priority, air freight is a viable option for quicker transportation. Choose the mode that aligns best with your requirements.